Interactive Zones & Activities

Creativity Zone

The Charter Oak Cultural Center/Funky Dawgz Brass Band Program (run by UCONN’s Assistant Director of Marching Bands – Marvin McNeill) is an after-school and summer educational enrichment program, based on the New Orleans Brass Band tradition that serves as a vehicle to empower underserved communities in Hartford through learning, performing, and composing music. In addition, this program is focused on making a connection with youth at a critical juncture in their intellectual and social development to help influence and make a difference in their current lives and their future.  The Brass Band Program is also committed to offering a high quality and engaging program which will reinforce the importance of having sound values and the importance of being productive citizens. The brass band is essentially a leadership program embedded in a music program.

Find out what happens when a highly skilled teaching artist transforms a classroom lesson about math or reading into a creative and interactive artistic experience. You might even have a chance to exercise your own inner artist.

Partner: The Charter Oak Cultural Center/Funky Dawgz Brass Band Program


Future Entrepreneurs Zone

Developing an innovative idea and writing a business plan are only the first steps of a successful business. Hear students pitch their business ideas in our Shark Tank.

Herbs of Vision

Abe Fattouh and Hector Nelson

We are a start-up Social Enterprise based in Hartford, CT with a goal to bring economic sustainability and demonstrate the revolutionary power of student-centered learning. Our team is led by a motivated group of teens from Hartford that are bringing project-based learning and life skills to the school environment in Hartford. Herbs of Vision is bigger than a greenhouse of herbs, it is the movement that will sprout new light into youth and communities across the country.


Joerain Cain, Nicholas Furlow, and Joseph Ghunney

Our business, DeliverRequest, is a service for people who are unable to run their errands – perhaps they are short on time or they are homebound and unable to leave their house.  Our business helps solve that problem! DeliverRequest is a service, which runs through a mobile app where a customer can request the errand they need ran.  We do the rest with connecting the customer with a driver.  Let us help you make your day easier and more manageable!


Lauren Crisipina, Jasmin Gonzalez, and Serena Hernandez

As the years go on more and more schools are starting to require students to have certain hours of community service for them to graduate and that’s where uHelp comes in to establish those connections. We help! You help!

uHelp is a non-profit organization that connects students with community service locations that will be personalized based on the students’ interests.  Through the app, we will connect students with community service opportunities, and we also record the hours worked and send the directly to the students’ school! Let us help you through uHelp!

Dream Beyond Studios

Aracelis Figueroa & Angelica Ortiz

Using digital media communications, Dream Beyond Studios creates empowering stories for its customers and we help them transform their presence for a future where their online image is an essential component for success.  We are an all-female business that supports engaging young females to pursue careers in STEM through tutoring sessions and volunteering at programs and events. We offer many different and personalized services to every unique customer that comes through our door!

Partners: Pathways Academy for Technology and Design & New Visions



You will experience the future as students wow and amaze you with a human powered rover designed to be driven by one male and one female team member. The team traveled to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama for NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge. The team participated in a competition with other student teams from 23 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, as well as competitors from several different countries, including Brazil, Germany, India and Mexico.

They powered through a nearly three-quarter-mile course that boasts 17 grueling obstacles that simulate terrain found on Mars, as well as other planets, moons and asteroids throughout the solar system.

Partner: Academy of Engineering and Green Technology


Manufacturing Zone

Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. (CT DIDI), led by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology is bringing the world of manufacturing to every student in grades 5 through 8 at the Martin Luther King and Simpson Waverly schools in Hartford.
See hands-on learning with robotics.

Partner: CCAT, Martin Luther King and Simpson Waverly Elementary schools